We are setting the direction for developing new mobility in Poland in cooperation with the industry, public administration and scientific institutions.

The term “new mobility” usually means such forms of today’s mobility that are somewhat ahead of their time and have also emerged recently. And this will certainly be the case with digital (remote – available via mobile technologies, also referred to as IoT: Internet of Things) forms of accessing the entire range of different individual means of shared transport (e.g., shared micromobility incl. bike sharing, or shared cars), as well as their digital integration with traditional public collective transport on MaaS-platforms (Mobility-as-a-Service).

As an industry organization, we have been taking real steps to develop new mobility in Poland already since 2017, e.g., through fostering shared mobility systems in Polish cities, preparing numerous publications devoted to this area, developing the concept of multimodal mobility hubs, or establishing partnerships for the good of the new mobility phenomenon.

Among our key activities for the development of the new mobility market in Poland, one should certainly mention our chairing the work of the PSPA New Mobility Committee, under which the New Mobility Development Strategy in Poland has being prepared – a document that not only defines the area of new mobility and proposes specific improvements in its development, but will also effectively bring this transport trend to the regulatory level.

As part of the above activities, already in 2021, within the PSPA New Mobility Committee, we defined new mobility as “transport services enabling movement by the use of shared vehicles available in a structured IT-system, complementing traditional collective transport and implementing the idea of sustainable mobility”.

If you want to develop new mobility in Poland together, we gladly invite you to cooperate.

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