Below we have gathered materials for the media interested in the subject of new and shared mobility. Here you will find a brief profile description of ours including an up-to-date presentation for download, a media contact, our logo pack, set of our key publications, as well as our partner organisations. We are an expert and opinion-forming voice for market regulators, media and investors.

Profile description:

The Mobile City Association (pol. Mobilne Miasto) was established in 2017 and is an industry organization developing new and shared mobility services in Poland. Our supporting members provide in the Polish cities tens of thousands of shared vehicles (incl. city bikes, electric kick scooters and car sharing systems), as well as offer other mobility services or other solutions for the industry. Our mission is to provide city inhabitants with seamless, highly effective and eco-friendly mobility without the necessity of owning a car.

Media contact (PL/EN/DE):

Weronika Wesołowska, +48 669 938 628,

Logo pack:

Our key publications (PL/EN):

See all our publications.

Our partner organisations:

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