We encourage the use of smaller shared vehicle types (e.g., electric scooters, electric mopeds and bikes) for urban trips on shorter distances and as a first/last mile solution.

Micromobility means the use of small-sized and low-weight vehicles in the urban transport systems, most often intended for one person, e.g., bikes, electric kick scooters, electric mopeds or PLEV (personal light electric vehicles) – enabling swift and smooth travels on short distances.

Micromobility is more and more often becoming a way to solve the so-called first and last mile issue in cities, that is the first or last part of our journey. Thanks to their small dimensions and low weight, micromobility type of vehicles make it easier to navigate in crowded urban areas. Additionally, their eco-friendly drive eliminates noise and reduces the trip’s carbon footprint. Moreover, the shared mode of micromobility services clearly increases the efficiency of the use of any such vehicle.

Micromobility is an inherent element of shared mobility, which we perceive as a separate category of urban mobility covering various types of means of transport intended for self-service and individual use. Most often they are rented through a mobile app, and after the end of each journey every vehicle becomes available to the next user. If you want to develop micromobility-type means of shared transport with us, we are open for cooperation. We have already presented the phenomenon of shared micromobility to many Polish cities, and we also mediated in talks between the central administration and e-scooter operators.

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