Since 2017 we are uniting the new and shared mobility industry in Poland, and our supporting members provide more than 110 thousand self-service shared vehicles in Polish cities.

The “Mobile City” Association (in Polish: Mobilne Miasto) is the first industry organization in Poland with the goal of developing shared and new forms of urban mobility. Together with our supporting members, we are building in Poland a new category of transport of the future – in the form of solutions offering convenient, digital access to multimodal, shared and eco-friendly means of transport. We are developing the so-called new urban mobility, in particular shared mobility services (incl. bike sharing, shared e-scooters and e-mopeds, car sharing systems), multimodal MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) platforms, Mobility on Demand services, the concept of mobility hubs, as well as sustainable urban logistics.

Members of the “Mobile City” Association may be legal entities and organizational units willing to actively participate in the development of the new and shared mobility market in Poland. If your company or organization wants to develop new urban mobility with us, please join us!

If you are interested in what exactly we do, what are our goals, what publications we have published or are preparing, what partnerships we have established, what projects and industry events we participate in, what educational activities we conduct, or who our supporting members are – we encourage you to choose the appropriate category from the top menu bar.

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