Meet our team that has extensive experience in the field of new and shared mobility.

In the membership structure of the Mobile City Association there are nearly 30 people representing the associated companies (supporting members). They constitute a group of individuals with a unique set of competences and experiences that greatly enrich our organisation. Among these people, the General Assembly regularly elects the association’s Board and Council, which is the supervisory body of the association. Below we present the profiles of people belonging to these bodies.

Association’s management and development:

  • Adam Jędrzejewski – founder and CEO of the association since its establishment; one of the pioneers of shared mobility in Poland, and also an ambassador of the sharing economy in the field of urban mobility; a graduate of Scandinavian studies who loves high-quality urban spaces and nature; he changes cities for the better thanks to the development of shared mobility, the promotion of MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service), the introduction of bold parking policies (incl. the concept of mobility hubs) and the implementation of effective public-private partnerships (PPP), which combine the competences of business and public administration.
  • Grzegorz Młynarski – in the association responsible for strategy and development; a sociologist of the city and everyday life, an institutional economist; on a daily basis he manages the service thinking agency – s360; consultant and author of social projects and initiatives; member of the “Resilient City” research team at the 4CAST Center for Climate Action and Social Transformations; manager and coordinator of the national research project at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics: “Shaping consumer behavior through the shared mobility strategy”; lecturer at SGH, SWPS and ASP; PhD student at SGH; also analyzes the impact of artificial intelligence on the development of the market and opinion research industry and the labor market.

Association’s Council:

  • Weronika Wesołowska – data analyst at; expert on urban innovations at the Polish Development Fund (PFR Group)
  • Magdalena Mazur – [description coming soon]
  • Grzegorz Młynarski – [description coming soon]
  • Leszek Leśniak – [description coming soon]
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