We promote car sharing systems as a convenient, economic and eco-friendly alternative to private car ownership, including publicly available systems, corporate car sharing as well as community-based car sharing systems.

Car sharing systems provide their users with access to a personal car as a mean of transport exactly when they need it. Their customers pay only for the actual time of using the car, and besides, they do not have to worry about anything related to owning the car-asset, e.g. paying credit or leasing instalments, loss of value, repairs, maintenance, parking, insurance, etc.

Most often, we distinguish three types of car sharing systems: public available in the B2C model, corporate car sharing available in the B2B model for a closed group of users (e.g. company employees) and social car sharing in the P2P model (peer-to-peer), which is generally based on sharing private cars directly by their owners.

There are many studies in the world conducted by recognized scientific institutions, which prove that car sharing systems can address the need of car ownership and thus replace from a few to even a dozen private cars in individual use. Moreover, undisturbed accessibility to a car sharing system causes a change in mobility behaviour to more sustainable and less car-dependent.

The above means that every shared car available in a given city or local community has the potential to “eliminate” a substantial number of private cars from the roads and common urban space. This in turn leads to significant space savings, reduced traffic, less noise and less air pollution, improved public safety and a number of savings both for users themselves, for companies or institutions using car sharing, for the entire city, as well as for the natural environment.

For these reasons, we undertake activities aimed at promoting car sharing systems in Polish cities. Our goal is to make car sharing a fully-fledged transport category as a complement to other forms of urban mobility, in particular collective public transit, shared micromobility, active mobility, and mobility on demand.

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