We invite you to Gdansk on November 22 to an event, of which we are a content partner in the area of shared mobility and multimodal hubs.

Gdansk Urban Mobility Flow Summit 2023 (UMF) is an event organized by the Polish Union of Active Mobility in cooperation with Gdansk as the host city. As the organizers write, UMF is an event that brings together experts, policymakers, industry leaders and other stakeholders to discuss and explore solutions to the challenges facing urban mobility. It serves as a unique, mission-driven platform that bridges the gap between the private and public sectors in the realm of urban mobility.

This year’s edition of UMF will cover the following focusing areas:

  • financing of green mobility for public and private sector,
  • zero emission urban logistics,
  • smart urban mobility solutions,
  • shared mobility and multimodal hubs.

More information about the event is available on the following website: Gdansk Urban Mobility Flow Summit 2023.

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