We are developing the concept of multimodal mobility hubs combining a selection of different shared mobility services in a single spot, allowing convenient transfer to public transit and also offering accompanying services, e.g. charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The so-called mobility hubs are specially designated and arranged places, in which various shared mobility vehicles and services are made available, possibly supplemented by additional infrastructure or services. Such places can be organized both in public realm, e.g. at interchange stations to public collective transport, as well as on private real estate, e.g., in housing estates, next to office buildings or shopping malls.

There are various vehicle types being located in mobility hubs, that can be rented there via a mobile app (e.g., shared bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, car sharing or other innovative vehicles), as well as additional infrastructure, such as stands, street furniture or charging or battery replacement devices for different types of electric vehicles. A mobility hub is therefore a place that collects the entire package of shared mobility services in a single spot, enriching at the same time the mobility offering of a given neighbourhood or property, and thus increasing also its attractiveness, value and contributing to a more climate-friendly approach.

In years 2021-2022 we were a partner of the SmartHubs project co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility, as part of which we prepared a feasibility study on the implementation of a network of multimodal mobility hubs in public realm (based on the example of Warsaw), and we were also involved in launching pilot mobility hubs. The provisions of this study have also been taken into account when preparing the Green Vision of Warsaw and have been described as action T3: development of multimodal transfer nodes.

We are guided by the idea of combining in mobility hubs the entire offer of shared mobility available in a given area, and we encourage all providers of such services to cooperate.

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