As part of the Smarthubs project in 2021-2022, we have prepared a report on “mobility hubs” – an infrastructural innovation that will transform cities and will be a catalyst for new urban mobility.

So-called “mobility hubs” are special parking points scattered all over the city, in which residents will find a selection of various shared means of transport: bike sharing systems, shared e-micromobility as well as car sharing systems. Optionally, they may also include charging infrastructure for electric vehicles or other functionalities.

In the report, which can be freely downloaded by clicking the button below (available only in Polish), we are showing, why mobility hubs are an infrastructural innovation, and why cities are choosing them in order to make their transport systems more sustainable through fostering shared mobility.

Although this concept is still new everywhere, it has already successfully passed the first tests in the world. Only recently, investing into mobility hubs has been announced by Vienna, as well as Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich. The last two cities plan to build 200 hubs each, seeing in them a solution for reducing traffic congestion, making transport more sustainable, and thus bringing ecological benefits and convenience to residents.”

from the report’s preface

The report was created as part of the SmartHubs project co-financed by EIT Urban Mobility. The titular partner of the publication is our supporting member: Huby Mobilności. Some media publications inspired by the report can be found here: “Our voice in the media“.

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