In the years 2021-2022, we were partners of the SmartHubs project led by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility.

In 2021, we joined the international SmartHubs project as an official project partner. The project gathers and compares the experiences of six European cites with different urban characteristics and demographics, including Warsaw, with regards to the implementation of smart mobility hubs.

The aim of the project was to test and validate the economically viable concepts of mobility hubs that support the modal shift to sustainable transport and more efficient use of urban space.

Our main role in the SmartHubs project was to prepare a feasibility study on the implementation of a network of multimodal mobility hubs in public realm (based on the example of Warsaw), which is available on our website in the full Polish and English versions, as well as to launch pilot locations of mobility hubs in Warsaw, which has been carried out mainly in collaboration with our supporting members.

We have fulfilled both tasks and we intend using the results of this work for several purposes, including:

  • persuading city officials to understand the positive impact of shared mobility on making urban mobility more sustainable and engaging them in creating a network of multimodal mobility hubs in public realm;
  • encouraging property owners (e.g., offices, retail, housing estates, hotels) to contribute to a sustainable urban mobility and to organize a mobility hub on their premises;
  • convince the legislator to consider shared mobility as a separate category of transport;
  • further development and scaling of the mobility hubs concept in cooperation with the new and shared mobility industry, in particular our supporting members.

If you are interested in creating multimodal mobility hubs in Polish cities together, we invite you to cooperate with us. We also encourage you to read our special publication on mobility hubs as an infrastructural innovation, however, available only in Polish, which was created on the basis of the above-mentioned feasibility study. More information on the SmartHubs project itself is available on the following website:

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