On the example of Warsaw, we are presenting the first and only such document in Poland – a feasibility study for the creation of a network of multimodal mobility hubs in public realm, which has been carried out under the SmartHubs project co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility. The document is available in its full version in English.

Mobility hubs are physically designated points in the public realm, where various types of mobility solutions (and services) are concentrated, in particular self-service shared mobility vehicles such as bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds and cars from car sharing systems. Importantly, the concept of mobility hubs assumes their creation also at public transport nodes (e.g. metro stations, railway stations, bus and tram loops, P&R car parks, etc.), thanks to which the two most efficient categories of urban mobility (public collective transport and shared mobility) have an opportunity to complement each other and create a more sustainable transport network as an alternative to traveling around the city in private cars.

As an industry organization, we are also involved in the creation of mobility hubs in other cities. They are a tool for promoting shared mobility, which is a vital part of local sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP) as well as the European Green Deal strategy.

The feasibility study on mobility hubs in Warsaw, which is available below for free download, includes, among others, an analysis of the following issues: compliance of the project with Warsaw’s Municipal Strategic Documents, the impact of the central-level legal framework on the project, diagnosis of the local transport system, data on mobility behaviour and the preferences of Varsovians in the field of urban mobility, as well as the feasibility of the project, including risk analysis, possible methods of implementation or indication of approx. 750 recommended locations for mobility hubs in Warsaw.

The provisions of the study have been taken into account when preparing the Green Vision of Warsaw and have been described as action T3: development of multimodal transfer nodes.

We encourage you to download the feasibility study and make the best use of it:

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