We are members of MobilityData, a global organization pursuing mobility data standards in order to improve the traveller’s experience.

Moving around in cities requires combining many different pieces of information at the same time, and travellers want directions they can trust. Reliable directions require high-quality data, and in order to get them providers of both collective public transport and shared mobility solutions need shared and consistent languages and tools.

That’s why we are members of MobilityData – a global non-profit one-stop organization for mobility standards, in particular improving and extending data formats, which facilitates access to relevant data and its greater usefulness for cities, residents and providers of mobility services. Importantly, these activities are also consistent with the European Green Deal strategy, which assumes a coherent approach to collecting and processing data on urban mobility.

MobilityData accelerates the development and implementation of mobility specifications such as GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) including its real-time extensions, and GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification) by providing technical knowledge and tools. It also creates new specifications, organizes training and develops working groups in response to the needs of the mobility industry. We are an official member of MobilityData since June 2021. For more information about this organization please visit the following website: MobilityData.

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