We are the official silver partner of EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the EU’s European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities and to create liveable urban spaces.

EIT Urban Mobility is dedicated to supporting the implementation of solutions that improve the sharing of urban spaces, while ensuring accessible, comfortable, safe, efficient, sustainable and affordable multimodal mobility.

The aim of EIT Urban Mobility is to rethink urban spaces and to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable. These goals are achieved, among others, through encouraging all urban mobility players to work together (including engaging cities and citizens), putting new mobility solutions into practice and reclaiming public space for public use as 50% of public space is taken up by roads.

Some of the aims of EIT Urban Mobility include: cutting greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution caused by transport, freeing up urban spaces, making urban mobility more inclusive and accessible, creating a more efficient transport system, changing urban travel patterns, and thus generally improving people’s quality of life.

By accelerating the implementation of products, services and processes for cities, EIT Urban Mobility is changing the face of both collective and individual mobility, shaping them in line with local needs, while supporting local communities and stimulating the economy. We are an official partner of EIT Urban Mobility since April 2021. For more information about this initiative please visit the project’s website: EIT Urban Mobility.

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