Poles see an opportunity in using personal light electric vehicles (PLEV) and positively assess their future functioning in the urban space. We are publishing the results of the first survey in Poland that shows the real attitude of Poles to PLEV, incl. electric kick scooters.

When taking a look at the Polish streets it’s easy to realize that individual mobility is undergoing a rapid change right here and right now. In Warsaw, last season (2019), every 20th vehicle on bicycle roads was an electric kick scooter – and this is only a modest prelude. So called personal light electric vehicles (PLEV) and electric kick scooters – both private and shared ones – are writing a new chapter in the history of transportation, just like motorization did 100 years ago.

We present you the very first study in Poland that shows a real attitude towards such types of vehicles of the entire society, not individual journalists or activists. The results are impressive. Poles turn out to be very open to new means of transportation, approach them with confidence and optimism, seeing in these innovations a huge opportunity for more sustainable cities.

The survey’s titular partners were our supporting members, as well as non-associated partners (below in alphabetical order): Bird, blinkee.city, Dott and The Polish PLEV Industry Association (UTO Polska).

We invite you to download and read the report (available only in Polish):

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