In the “Mobile City Analysis” series, we checked how bike sharing is performing in Poland by comparing 15 largest bike sharing systems in the country in seasons 2018 and 2019. What are the results and conclusions?

In season 2019, public bike sharing systems were present in 100+ cites in Poland. In total, around 12 million people in Poland had access to a bike sharing scheme at their place of residence with more than 26,000 bikes available during the last season and more than 2,6 million registered users. These figures show the impressive position that bike sharing systems have gained in Poland in less than a decade. After years of development and breaking new records, it seemed to enjoy unflagging popularity.

But was this really the case? Our report finds that bike sharing schemes in Poland have found themselves, if not in crisis, then at least in trouble. We investigated 15 largest municipal bike sharing systems in the country, carefully analysed their official results and drew some conclusions.

We invite you to download and read the report (available only in Polish). Its titular partner was our supporting member: Nextbike.

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