Is a supplier and operator of municipal bike sharing systems (in line with sharing economy principles) that complement the public transport networks in a smart and sustainable way.

Profile description:

Nextbike Polska is one of the first companies in Poland that have followed the global trend of the sharing economy. It launched its first bike sharing system in June 2011 in Wroclaw and since then has remained the undisputed market leader of the bike sharing market in Poland, providing services every year in several dozen cities and delivering tens of thousands of shared bikes. From the beginning of its operation, in all systems managed by Nextbike Polska, users have rented shared bikes several dozen million times.

Contribution to the vision of the Mobile City:

As the leader of the local bike sharing market, Nextbike Polska is transforming the landscape of Polish cities and making more and more people use more ecological, effective and healthier forms of transport. The company, together with its partners – mainly local governments and the real estate sector – creates a modern and environmentally friendly form of moving around in cities, and thus making cities a better places to life, offering more free space, better air, less noise, less traffic jams and a safer environment.

Voice of the company representative:

“Our shared bikes constitute the largest bike sharing system network in Poland. Thanks to them, we showed millions of Poles that the bike is a real transport option and a healthy alternative to traveling around the city in a privately owned car. The position of the bike sharing market leader is also an obligation, which is why we don’t stop in the “mobile revolution” and, together with the authorities of Polish cities and our business partners, we keep improving the largest and most popular bike sharing systems in Poland”

– says Jakub Giza, ordinary member of the association and head of bike systems development at Nextbike Polska.

Date of joining the association:



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