“Smart Mobility Hubs – Key Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility?” We conducted a session under this title during the European Track of WUF11.

Together with EIT Urban Mobility, we had the ocassion to invite you to a 1,5-hour session devoted to the topic of mobility hubs as a mechanism of making urban mobility more sustainable and creating more liveable urban spaces.

Why is this topic important? The rapid urbanization is of the most pressing challenges nowadays with a significant impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and policies. Mobility hubs enable a sustainable way of transportation around cities, especially urban centers, as they offer visible, safe, and accessible spaces for residents and businesses.

Through the creation of mobility hubs, people’s lives can be simplified – they are bringing together all travel options, such as walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility. In addition, they combine a variety of urban design features – safer bikeshares and walkways, micromobility, car share, electric vehicles charging, convenient parking, real-time traveler information, on-demand  ridesharing.

Many cities are already putting the strategy of mobility hubs into practice, which has also been described in the feasibility study on mobility hubs.

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