We have concluded a cooperation agreement with SGH Warsaw School of Economics, the best economic university in Poland according to the ranking of “Perspektywy”. The scope of the cooperation with the Department of Innovative City is the area of shared mobility and its impact on cities.

The subject of our cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) is conducting joint research and implementation works, as well as popularizing and teaching activities in relation to the functioning of urban areas.

As part of the cooperation with SGH’s Department of Innovative City, we jointly conduct research on the relationship between shared mobility services and the spatial development of Polish cities, by providing data on the phenomenon of shared mobility, as well as on the activities of entities and consumers using shared mobility services.

SGH will popularize the activities and results of our Association’s work by using them in its teaching and research activities. Moreover, the cooperation also concerns research projects as well as the exchange and promotion of research results.

One of the dimensions of our cooperation with SGH is a series of publications describing the Polish shared mobility user profile based on a consumer survey carried out in 2021.

The latest initiative implemented together with the Warsaw School of Economics was the creation of the first ranking of cities friendly to shared mobility in Poland, resulting in awarding the municipalities with the Mobile City Title.

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