We conduct training courses on new mobility for public and private institutions willing to explore and unlock the potential of new mobility in their cities and organizations.

The so-called new mobility is an increasingly recognizable issue in the field of mobility management that can be applied in various dimensions – in the scale of the entire city, its selected districts or within a specific organization, e.g., a company or institution. This area has already been properly researched and described, also taking into account the Polish experiences, and is therefore suitable for bringing it closer to local government employees or another group of people in the form of a dedicated training course.

As an industry organization we will be glad to conduct a training course in new mobility in your city or organization. We have been dealing with the development of the new and shared mobility market in Poland since 2017, we cooperate with a wide range of experts as well as domestic and foreign institutions, we participates in research on the phenomenon of new mobility, and have also relevant experience in the field of carrying out workshops, conferences or trainings. All this makes us the right choice for conducting training in new mobility. Please contact us in order to agree on the scope, form and terms of the training course. In the field of electromobility and hydrogen technologies, we cooperate with our partner organization – the Polish Alternative Fuels Association.

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