The Mobility Hubs company is a specialized service supplier that organizes shared transport for real estate and cities in the form of physically designated multimodal mobility hubs.

Profile description:

As the first entity in Poland, in 2020, we started working on the implementation of the concept of mobility hubs, that is specially designated areas in public realm, in which a variety of shared mobility services are concentrated and made available to the users in one place (e.g. shared bikes, shared e-scooters and e-mopeds, or car sharing), optionally accompanied by other services, e.g. charging electric vehicles. We launched the first mobility hubs in Warsaw in May 2021 (Adgar Plaza) and in June 2022 (Business Garden). Until the end of August 2022, both locations generated over 4,000 rentals and returns of shared vehicles in three modalities: e-scooters, e-mopeds and car sharing.

Contribution to the vision of the Mobile City:

By organizing mobility hubs for real estate and cities, we promote shared mobility both among people using particular properties (e.g. offices, shopping malls, housing estates, hotels, public buildings), as well as among the entire local communities in the hub’s vicinity. In addition, we connect the shared mobility industry by gathering its offer within one network of Mobility Hubs. We also support multimodal mobility, which, thanks to the combined offer of shared and collective transport, is an alternative to owning and using a car in the city.

Voice of the company representative:

“After the initial two years of our business activity, cooperation with the “Mobile City” is a natural and necessary step in the further development of the company. We cannot imagine not supporting an organisation whose activities support the development of our business. A similar mindset about the future of cities is also important here. We also want definitely less privately owned and used cars in cities and more multimodal and healthy mobility instead”

– says Włodzimierz Łoziński, ordinary member of the association and board member of Mobility Hubs.

Date of joining the association:



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