We help cities to obtain and understand data on shared mobility services and shared vehicles, and to create a platform to manage this new segment of urban mobility.

The so-called new mobility, which consists of a whole range of transport services based on the principles of sharing economy (e.g. bike sharing, shared micromobility, car sharing, mobility on demand), becomes a more and more important part of the urban landscape – both functionally and spatially. The offer of self-service vehicles rented “by minutes” and on-demand mobility services, often aggregated on digital MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) platforms, complement the traditional public transport networks, and together constitute a real alternative to traveling around the city in a private car, which is the least desirable transport option in today’s cities.

All the abovementioned mobility options generate not only a significant amount of data, but also certain new challenges for the city inhabitants and administration, e.g. parking clutter of shared free-floating vehicles, ineffective mobility patterns, decreased public safety, and sometimes even increased traffic congestion. If not properly managed, new mobility services won’t also allow to fully benefit from their natural drive to sustainability, efficiency and supplementing the collective transport system.

And for these reasons it is very important for the city administration to both obtain and understand the data on shared mobility, e.g. where to concentrate shared mobility services (locating them in the so-called mobility hubs) in order to meet the demand. This can only happen through partnering with the shared mobility industry and working together on fulfilling common goals, such as climate neutral, efficient and eco-friendly urban mobility.

At the Mobile City Association we don’t only work on creating a friendly environment for developing new mobility services, but we also care that these services serve local communities and the environment at their very best. We encourage municipalities and public transport and road authorities to get in touch with us and to explore the opportunities we have for them in the field data-driven management of shared mobility services.

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