Pursuing new, shared mobility

We support solutions allowing urban citizens to commute in a convenient, economic and ecological way.

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Market Report

Download the first comprehensive report on the Polish shared mobility market and MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service)

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As an industry organization, we’ve identified challenges and formulated proposals for the development of shared mobility

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Mobility Hubs

A variety of shared mobility services gathered in one place: bikes, kick scooters, mopeds, cars, ...

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Urban Technology Congress (Warsaw, 22 April) and Impact’20 (Krakow, 3-4 June)

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Workshops on PLEV

As part of public consultations for PLEV regulations we organized workshops for NGOs and local government

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Join Us!

We are an industry association representing and driving the market of shared and new mobility services.

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What We Do?

What We Do?

zrzeszenie branży

Association of the shared mobility industry

We are building a multimodal and shared future transportation as a supplement to the urban mobility ecosystem and an alternative to private vehicle ownership.

usługi sharingowe

Shared mobility services

We are fostering and promoting the development of bikesharing, micromobility and PLEV (personal light electric vehicles), mopedsharing and carsharing


MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service)

We are supporting the implementation of multi-modal platforms, MaaS and the integration of shared mobility services with public transit and other mobility related services

huby mobilności

Mobility Hubs

We are bringing shared mobility closer to local communities through gathering such services on commercial (office, retail), residential and publicly owned real estate

Adam Jędrzejewski, Founder & CEO

Many cities around the world are already reaching the turning point, in which private vehicle ownership doesn’t make much sense. This primarily applies to private cars in individual use as owning and using them is causing an unaware, high social, environmental and individual cost.

What we are building at the “Mobile City” is new, shared mobility that is an alternative to owning a car in a city. Shared mobility schemes (bikes, kick scooters, mopeds, cars) combined with public transit into MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) services are future of urban mobility and freedom of movement.”


Supporting Members

„Mobile City” is the first organization in Poland that associates companies from the new and shared mobility industry. If your organization shares our vision and values, please join us!



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