Workshops on PLEV - Mobilne Miasto

Workshops on PLEV

Personal light electric vehicles (PLEV) and the impact of electric kick scooter sharing systems on the city (social and regulatory context, good practices).

Shared electric kick scooters in urban space


Between autumn 2018 and start of summer 2019 in the public space of 9 major cities in Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Tri-City, Krakow, Lodz, Bialystok, Rzeszow and Kielce) 10 different electric kick scooter sharing services appeared providing a total of over 7.000 vehicles for immediate rent directly from the street through a mobile app.

Still, this new form of mobility and new mean of transport impacts public space of cities and their residents, mainly because of leaving them in a way that hinders pedestrian traffic and issues of general traffic safety.

That’s why we are organizing workshops aiming at meeting various groups of people affected by electric kick scooter sharing systems and working out a set of good practices and recommendations on two levels:

– social / public space

– regulatory / legal framework

In addition, the workshops will attempt to formulate the principles of responsible use of shared electric kick scooters, which will serve all parties involved – in particular the shared scooters’ providers – to raise awareness about the desired, safe and socially acceptable rules for using electric kick scooters in the common urban space.

Interested in joining our first workshop taking place on September 4th in Warsaw? Please contact us.