Recommendations - Mobilne Miasto


Read the first recommendations for new mobility in Poland being a joint effort of ours and the Metropolis GZM.

The first in Poland recommendations for new urban mobility


We are particularly proud to be authors of the pioneering recommendations for the development of new mobility in Poland. Together with the Metropolis GZM we are therefore setting the direction for the development of this industry through providing relevant materials that will be subject to discussions, debates, analysis, benchmarking and, finally, for implementing solutions in the field of new mobility: primarily shared mobility integrated with public transit on digital MaaS- type platforms.

The ultimate goal of the recommendations is to foster the development of new mobility services within the Metropolis GZM, which consists of 41 municipalities with a total area of 2500 sqm. and has a population of nearly 2.3 million people.

The recommendations propose specific solutions for developing new mobility services and are covering, among others, the following topics:

– benefits for the municipalities resulting from new mobility and its impact on cities
– recommendations for the municipalities on the model of cooperation with service providers
– catalog of incentives (privileges) for new mobility service providers
– criteria for being considered as a supported provider of new mobility services
– a set of obligations of service providers towards municipalities

Download the recommendations (in Polish only; available soon).