Proposals - Mobilne Miasto


As an industry organization, we’ve identified challenges and formulated proposals for the development of shared mobility.

By supporting shared mobility, we support sustainable cities

The report and guidebook on the Polish shared mobility market published in July 2019 (“Close to a breakthrough” – available for download here) has caused a lot of interest in terms of what shared mobility is, and how it can help solve the problems of today’s cities struggling with high motorization rates, traffic congestion, poor air quality or allocating too much space for road and parking functions.

Below listed are proposals that will help Polish cities to accelerate the transformation towards more sustainable mobility ecosystems:

#1: allowing shared mobility to use selected bus-lanes

#2: dedicated parking spots and areas for shared vehicles

#3: shared mobility as new, separate category of transport in traffic law

#4: waived or reduced parking fees for shared vehicles in municipal paid parking zones

#5: ensuring order in public and common space by creating Mobility Hubs

#6: allowing shared mobility to access restricted traffic zones and low emission zones

#7: regulating the legal status of an electric kick scooter and PLEV (personal light electric vehicles)

#8: equal and non-discriminatory access to the share mobility market for many operators

#9: willingness of public transit authorities to integrate with MaaS platforms (Mobility-as-a-Service)

#10: friendlier taxes for shared mobility services as an incentive for sustainable mobility

If you share the vision presented here, please join us.