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We are an industry association representing and driving the market of shared and new mobility services.

We associate companies from the area of new and shared mobility

The Mobile City Association is the very first in Poland organization (est. 2017) that saw the potential of the shared mobility industry and at the same time took actions for its development – in cooperation with providers of new and shared mobility services.

Among the supporting members of the association, there are well-recognized companies from both the Polish and foreign markets. They are, among others, providers of different types of shared vehicles (bikes, kick scooters, mopeds, cars), technology platforms, apps offering integrated multimodal journeys (such as MaaS).

Below we are indicating some of our actions and achievements:

– we have prepared the first in Poland recommendations for new mobility
– we act as an intermediary in contacting public administration
– we are member of the Warsaw Public Transit Council
– we prepare industry reports and provide information about the market
– we give opinions on legal regulations impacting the development of new and shared mobility
– we organize debates, conferences, workshops and meetings
– we support business development (e.g. business intelligence, public affairs, consultancy)
– we support the vision of a sustainable development of the shared mobility industry in cooperation with public administration as well as other stakeholders
– we bring shared mobility closer to local communities through our Mobility Hubs concept

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